6 week course for girls aged 8-12 to master their mindset, pursue their dreams and grow resilience from the inside out.

Let's face it, last year hasn't been easy. With lockdowns, restrictions, homeschooling and being cut off from those you love, it's put a real strain on parents and families.  There's been so much focus on what we can't do, where we can't go, that it can often be hard to feel like there's anything to look forward to. You're exhausted, the kids are isolated, there's been unhappiness and fights.  Everyone's patience has been stretched to breaking point.   

What if your daughter had a positive focus of exciting goals she was working towards, a better understanding of her own thoughts and emotions and a way to calm herself down when she was feeling bad? 

Imagine if your daughter started focusing on the things that make her happy and working on dreams that are meaningful to her?  What if she had some positive exercises and routines that could support her wellbeing and set her up for the day in a positive way. What if she could talk about how she is feeling with a group of girls her own age? 

We’re Sinéad and Julie-Anne of Inspired Creators.  We work with girls from 8-12 who are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by the lockdown. They may be missing their friends and extended family and feel like every day is the same and there’s nothing to look forward to.  

We provide inspiring exercises and games to help girls focus on the positive and tools to balance their emotions and moods so that they can be happier, understand themselves better and feel more in control. 

How does it work?

We will build on the work that we have started in the Vision Board Workshop.  Using their vision board as a guide, we will encourage them to set one goal that they would like to achieve over the course of the next 6 weeks, and then work towards making that a reality.  

We check in each week on their progress, and determine next steps with the girls. We will facilitate peer coaching on any obstacles that arise for them along the way and provide a supportive encouraging environment for them to know that they can achieve anything they set their mind to!

By the end of the course they will have achieved their goal or be well on the way to doing so!

Each Week for 6 weeks

Over the 6 weeks the classes will have the following structure:

Opening: Meditation or Visualisation – each week we will open class with a meditation or visualisation tailored to the content that week. These are designed to centre the girls and give them a taste of how different breathing techniques can help us feel calmer, and how we can use the power of visualisation to bring our goals and dreams to life.

Teaching: Personal Development Topics – each week we will delve into a different personal development topic, delivering one key message per week. We will cover topics such as:

  • Growth mindset
  • Affirmations and positive language
  • Self compassion and how to be kinder to yourself
  • Inner critic and imposter syndrome
  • Self esteem
  • How to deal with negative emotions

Group coaching: after the teaching segment we will open the floor to the group, and invite the girls to share their progress towards their goals.  We will facilitate peer coaching and discuss any obstacles they are facing in bringing their goals to life.  This is often one of their favourite parts of the class as they get to share their thoughts with each other and make friends from all over the world.

Homework:  Each week the girls will define one thing that they are going to work on for that week that will move them towards the goal they are working on for the duration of the course.

Also included are...

Digital Worksheets: your daughter will receive PDF worksheets each week with fun exercises to do between sessions.  This will help her to integrate and deepen the practices we cover each week.

Weekly emails for parents: parents will receive a recap email each week which will help you to understand what your child has been learning and give you the opportunity to feedback on anything coming up for your child. We will do our best to incorporate this as we go.

Summary of practices: at the end we will provide parents with an easy one page summary of all the positive practices that can be displayed on a wall or fridge to help with implementation and integration.

Dates, times and cost

  • The 6 x 1 hr online classes will take place on Saturdays at 2pm GMT (9am PST) on the following dates: 20th March, 27th March, 10th April, 17th April, 24th April, 1st May 2021.  Please note: there will be no class on Easter Weekend 3rd April. 

How does it work?

  • The group will be live and interactive with a group of up to 20 girls.
  • During the class your daughter will be encouraged to participate and share so she can receive support from the other girls in the group. 
  • When teaching we use games, stories and play to make learning as fun and engaging as possible.

The Continuing Inspire Her Course costs £129

There are limited places available.  

How to register

Would you like your daughter to take part

Awesome!  Here’s how to register. 

Step 1 - Make your payment by clicking the Sign Up Here! button below.

Step 2 - Within 24 hours of making your payment, youll receive an email from us with details of how to connect for the calls and a questionnaire to fill in about your daughter.  

Have any questions?

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!


Get in touch with Sinéad Tiernan at hello@inspiredcreators.ie 


Or with Julie-Anne Graham at hello@inspiredcreators.co.uk


“I never realised how much I didn’t like myself and now that I can see that it is changing everything that I do. Thank you so much for running INSPIRE HER – it really has changed how I treat myself” - Beth - Participant

“My daughter joined INSPIRE HER to help her get prepared for secondary school. She absolutely loved it. I’ll be signing her up for more. Sinéad is super." - Trisha - Parent

"My children adore Julie-Anne. She is extraordinarily playful and fun and has endless ideas on engaging them with new ideas and encouraging their own imaginations. She is kind and gentle and extremely patient. She uses her extensive gifts in creativity to keep them engaged and happy." - Parent

“I cannot thank you enough for all your work with our daughter over the last six weeks. A wonderfully positive and affirmative experience. Can’t recommend the INSPIRE HER course enough.” - Maeve - Parent

"I’d strongly recommend Inspire Her! Jane absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go online every week! She met loads of lovely friends and loved learning new skills and techniques to use every day!  Ladies your energy is mind blowing. Thanks so much!" - Anna - Parent

"My daughter is absolutely loving the course and looking forward to it each Saturday. She has also started to go for a walk every day, on her own and I earnestly believe this is an idea born from the course and giving her skills to identify what is best for her mental health. She is so chilled and relaxed the last week or so." - Parent

"At last a course that really empowers our daughter to own her awesomeness.  Thank you for putting this course on. It is so unique and definitely needed now more than ever." Parent

"Thank you for running this course,  I’m really impressed.  My daughter is really enjoying it and I think it’s going to be really valuable." - Parent

“I can’t wait for every Saturday at 2pm to see my new friends from all over the world.  I am really loving it." - Participant

"I love my vision board so much - every morning I will look at it and it will INSPIRE me!!! Thank you so much for making this course!!! It’s helped me a lot during the past few weeks. And will help me even more in the future." - C.B. age 9, Ireland.